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My Deepest Source of Job Satisfaction

This morning I’m teaching a large class of corporate employees my course entitled Supercharge Your Career and Work Like a Genius.  It’s a spiritual experience for me to teach the class. By that I mean that I am fortunate enough to help people identify their personal bull’s-eye that’s at the intersection of their design and their desires. Then I help them turn that knowledge into a unique value proposition that transforms a job into a career and finally into a calling.

I find it spiritual because, although it may sound corny, there is a real light in each of us that gets ignited when we come in contact with our deepest self.  My experience in working with thousands of people is that each of us are designed to succeed.  I feel privileged to help people become something that I can only describe as being “soul-aware.”  It’s a kind of super-conscious awareness significantly deeper than self-awareness.

As many of you might know from my barrage of e-mails I am going to be doing a series of women’s Leadership SPA events this year. We are getting a steady stream of enrollments so I am not writing this as a sales letter.  What I wanted to share was a brief stream of testimonials that my team recently put together as a kind of surprise for me.  They want to use it for marketing which is cool. But the impact it had on me was simply a flood of gratitude not only for these people but for the opportunity I have to be fulfilling my life’s work.

One thing that struck me is that what most people talk about is the one thing they heard that was exactly what they needed to hear to get clear, make changes and accelerate in their chosen direction. Very often I have no idea whether my training has any impact at the time I deliver it. It’s usually much later that I get an e-mail from someone who got inspired and invented the public health product to prevent the spread of disease, or reinvented the way their company does recruiting to promote diversity, or lost 50 pounds, or convinced their company to institute flex-time and scores of other small and large accomplishments that are as different as each individual’s need and interest.

What produces that change seems very serendipitous.  When someone hears the right words at the right time they spring into action.  Fortunately this is true for all of us. You have affected the lives of many for good. Any time you encourage people to learn what they need to learn, or do what they need to do, to produce the life their deeper self is longing for you release a flood of creativity and energy. You have no idea how many lives you have changed for the better.

Beneath the surface life is spiritual…we are all fortunate to have each other.

If you want to watch the video the team put together it’s on The Leadership SPA homepage just below the fold on the right.  What I’m sure of is that you could make a video just like this about the impact you’ve had.  When you are at your best I’m pretty sure you’re awesome.

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