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Which of These Three Would You Trust the Least?

I am very interested in how to improve human judgment. All leadership success, and yes, life success depends on it. Harvard-based researchers have spent years proving that virtually all of us are irrationally biased.  We all have opinions that are not based on facts or direct experience but rather emotional thinking shortcuts. You see, thinking […]

5 Ways to Find Your Personal Leadership Brand

What if your life had a purpose… a particular purpose? There are almost 7.5 billion individuals alive right now. As far as I know, there are no duplicates. So, what if you were unique because you could make a difference that no one else can? What if you could make your difference every day, if you […]

Why Yoga May be Essential For Career Happiness

Low stress does not make you happy. Happiness comes from saying yes to activities, relationships and experiences that bring you joy.  What would you do if you’ve learned that you were doing something every day that was making you unproductive, unhealthy, unhappy and sabotaging your relationships. More importantly, if you could easily stop this one […]

10 Reasons Why Nobody Stopped Harvey Weinstein

Bias is a talent killer. It makes people small. It also emboldens powerful people to exploit anyone who is not in their favored group. After doing some deeper research, bias also seemed to answer the question, how might Harvey Weinstein have gotten away with being a sexual predator for decades? It’s all about bias and […]

How to Liberate Your Leadership Talent

We have cracked the code on healthy, fulfilling work. Sociologist Jeanne Nakamura’s research on the conditions that create “vital engagement” are crystal clear. Work that energizes our minds and inspires our hearts is work that engages our talent to benefit other human beings.  If you like this, subscribe here for more stories that Inspire The Future. […]

Four Investments You Can Make Today to Increase Your Love Life

You can’t do a good job, if your job is all you do. The aspiration for work-life balance is dead. It was killed by technology. If you want to be happy in life and happy in your primary love relationship… Over the past two years with almost every Executive I coach and every audience I […]

The Four Things That Will Make You Matter

For years I wondered why some ordinary people consistently had extraordinary opportunity and why many extraordinary people languished in a kind of invisible frustration. I was recently doing a private review of clients and projects I’ve been involved with over the past three decades. I was trying to identify what people consistently thought and did […]

How to Stand up For Yourself in a Gender Bias World

Right now, I am very busy teaching companies how to create gender synergy.  This requires a change of culture as well as a change of behavior of both men and women who want to work together more effectively. The process of combining the strengths of blue brains and pink brains into a purple brain culture […]

Why Everything Bad Will Change for the Better

I recently spoke at the Women in Technology Summit in Silicon Valley. My speech was entitled, “Why Women Need to Lead,” which focuses the data and evidence that women make superior leaders in volatile, disruptive environments where continuous innovation is essential to success. I’m also promoting a new movement, A Million SMART Women aimed at empowering a worldwide community […]

How Work Mania Will Destroy Your Career

TED talks are supposed to make you smarter. But sometimes they don’t. Sometimes they make you stupid. A popular TED talk entitled, “Why you won’t have a great career,” by economist Larry Smith is absolutely some of the worst career advice ever given in public. I can sum up his advice as…pursue your work with all […]