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Imagine Putting a Bunch of Kids on Your Advisory Board

Have you noticed how many young people have been pushing for change this past year? Maybe it’s time to start listening.

They are the consumers, customers, and business owners of the future, and they’re giving us clues today about the business opportunities of tomorrow. “Young people are now coming to discussions as contributors and not just listeners,” says Vladislav Kaim, a youth advisor to the U.N. secretary-general, “and they are asking tough questions.”

There is a heightened awareness of environmental and social issues among today’s youth that will translate into the next few decades’ consumer markets. Late last year, a statement was negotiated by youth from more than 140 countries during an online “Mock COP,” held instead of 2020 U.N. climate talks. The statement was presented to the respective governments of the participants. “We have things to propose… and we are here to stay,” says Kaim from Moldova. Inviting young people to sit on your company advisory board may just be the best investment you ever make.

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