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Ending Animal Slaughter One Fashion Bag at a Time

Eco-fashion house Ministry of Tomorrow has announced the launch of its new Vegan Bag collection, with a focus on animal anti-cruelty.

Many animals killed for leather experience cruel and gruesome treatment that is typical of factory farming. But, at Los Angeles-based Ministry of Tomorrow no animals are slaughtered in the production of their bags. This is in stark contrast to the global leather industry – that slays more than one billion animals each year.

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The new Vegan Bag collection is produced at the company’s fair wage, eco-factory in Nairobi, Kenya. The design is clean and chic with a Maasai warrior inspired interior.

“The significance of the design in this collection makes a statement that says we are fighting back, from the inside, and we do this by providing consciences people a high quality alternative to leather,” says Julian Prolman, the founder and president of Ministry of Tomorrow.

The handcrafted bags are made with Italian and Japanese, animal-free, finer-than-leather fabrics and the lining is made from certified organic and fair trade canvas sourced from India. The entire supply chain from seed to production considers the well-being of people, wildlife and the planet. 

Prolman feels he is redefining luxury through a new expression of imaginative design – both elegant and distinctive, functional and produced in a responsible manner.

The fashion brand aims to develop a community of conscientious young spirited people who enjoy the experience of a luxury lifestyle but also want to feel good about supporting responsibly produced products that deliver social and environmental benefits.

“We want to see an end to the ‘fashion to die for’ scenario that has sadly become a societal norm, where animals are killed for our pleasure, in a barbaric perception of luxury that literally costs an arm and a leg,” says Prolman. “We believe it’s morally corrupt to produce garments and accessories at the expense of animals and nature. As an alternative, we promote ‘fashion to live for’ and use this attitude as a vehicle for activism that contributes to a movement to end the needless suffering of animals.”

Ministry of Tomorrow has also launched a new public service video entitled “Suton”

The dramatic video was designed to illustrate the current state of human consciousness under the influence of mental slavery caused by mainstream mass marketing, rooted in profit-making as the primary objective.

The provocative fashion film (which contains graphic and unsettling imagery) aims to revive hope that humans can be liberated from psychological imprisonment. The 3-minute video wants people to regain an ability to think for themselves and recognize the importance of taking action to improve the world.

Prolman teamed up with British fashion filmmaker Roger Spy to produce “Suton.”

“Society has been conditioned to accept as normal commercial products where people, wildlife and the planet have been harmed in the process of making goods,” says Prolman. “We are saying wake up, there is a better way to dress with style through ethical fashion.”

To view the fashion film click here (Contains graphic imagery)

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