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Designer Virgil Abloh Teams up With Evian to go Beyond Plastic

Photo by Simon Abrams on Unsplash

Casual couture king Virgil Abloh is joining the Evian empire to make sustainability fashionable — in more ways than one.

Known among the fashion community for his avant-garde approach to haute couture, American fashion designer, entrepreneur and DJ, Virgil Abloh, is using his international fame to help another brand on the frontier of sustainable consumer practice. Recently crowned as the creative advisor for Evian Natural Spring Water, Abloh’s designs will be featured on the water brand’s plastic bottles, which are expected to be made from 100% recycled plastic by the year 2025.

With a long history of design collaborations with the fashion community, this type of partnership is nothing new for Evian. But with Abloh onboard, Evian hopes the appeal will be much wider among consumers than with former partners.


Revolutionizing the fashion industry with his ironic approach to haute couture, Abloh is known for bringing streetwear to the upper echelons of the clothing world, making “high fashion” a more attainable, mainstream aesthetic. He calls fashion into question with his signature “quotations,” that appear in many of his designs. Along with his ever-present Helvetica fonts and deliberate hazard stripes, his quirky style has gained him a global following — one he intends to bring along on his new journey toward sustainability and environmental awareness. The ultimate goal? For Evian to become a 100% recyclable company in the next six years, with carbon neutral production, lower emissions and recycled plastics bottles—no more waste.

Following in Evian’s footsteps, Abloh has made it clear that he will pursue sustainability in his own clothing company, Off-White. His partnership with Evian is likely the first of many steps he will be taking as an influencer of environmental awareness within consumer culture.

Already the partnership has looked beyond plastic, launching a line of reusable glass water bottles dubbed “Rainbow Inside,” showcasing Abloh’s legendary quotes. Abloh and Evian are both champions of innovation, in both aesthetic and environmental awareness. They remind us how precious our natural resources truly are, with their new campaign slogan: “One Drop Can Make a Rainbow.”


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