The Akashinga: Zimbabwe’s Female Anti-Poaching Team

Zimbabwe’s all-female anti-poaching team is helping to improve the economy by empowering women and protecting wildlife.   Poaching has taken a severe toll on the elephant population of Zimbabwe. By 2017, […]

10-year-old Leads Global Recycling Movement

Ten-year-old Ryan Hickman has been operating his own recycling company since he was three years old. Ryan’s Recycling started out as something fun that was also beneficial for the environment […]

Lush Cosmetics Investing in Farmers

This cosmetics company has laid some non-carbon footprints worth following.  When you walk into any of the 931 Lush stores spread across 49 countries, you’re immediately tantalized by colors and […]

Nike Steps to Erase Carbon Footprint

Nike is pledging zero waste to erase its carbon footprint Nike’s new European distribution center in Ham, Belgium is powered by 100% renewable energy. All 1.5 million square feet of […]

Saving the Environment One Tree at a Time

Global deforestation may be a growing concern, but reforestation efforts are tackling the root of the problem.  “People don’t realize how important trees are,” says Matt Hill, Founder and CEO […]

The Electricity-generating Bikes of Guatemala

Carlos Marroquin has shown that bicycles are good for much more than just transport. The Guatemalan inventor, inspired by the complexity of these two-wheeled contraptions, met representatives of PedalCanada, an […]