Real Leaders

The Ray: Turning Idle Roadside land into Laboratories of Innovation

The Ray Highway, an 18-mile stretch of the I-85 in Georgia, is furthering a transportation revolution. A configuration of 2,600 high efficiency solar panels at Exit 14 are maximizing the potential of right-of-way land with a megawatt of renewable energy.  “Right-of-way” (ROW) areas are roadside lands owned by state departments of transportation (DOTs). They stretch […]

Filmmakers Want to Help Preserve the Secrets of the Earth Found Inside Ice

Filmed over four years in twelve countries, The Last Glaciers captures the fragility of the natural world, human impact on our life support systems, and depicts the personal challenges encountered along the way while making this striking film.  Call it global warming, climate change, or the greenhouse effect, they’re all titles for the same troubling story, which […]

Global Wildfires Are Going Nowhere: What You Need to Know

With dry seasons extended and temperatures on the rise, wildfire seasons have become longer and more dangerous than ever. Fires in the American West this summer, and other parts of the world, have reached air quality levels of unprecedented hazard, breaking records as the worst in the world and forcing entire communities to evacuate. Below is […]

The Akashinga: Zimbabwe’s Female Anti-Poaching Team

Zimbabwe’s all-female anti-poaching team is helping to improve the economy by empowering women and protecting wildlife.   Poaching has taken a severe toll on the elephant population of Zimbabwe. By 2017, numbers in the Lower Zambezi region had declined by 40 percent since 2001. According to the African Wildlife Foundation (AWF) as many as 35,000 elephants […]

I Was Fired As The CEO Of My Own Company. Here’s What I Did Next

Firespring is Nebraska’s first certified B-Corporation, and helps organizations identify their purpose and bring it to life. Their media company offers a range of services, from creative and print production to marketing campaigns, and culture alignment solutions. The company was recently ranked #87 on the 2020 Real Leaders Impact Awards, but there was a time […]

10-year-old Leads Global Recycling Movement

Ten-year-old Ryan Hickman has been operating his own recycling company since he was three years old. Ryan’s Recycling started out as something fun that was also beneficial for the environment and has since turned into a means of addressing a recycling problem in California. Many California redemption centers have recently shut down because of a […]

Lush Cosmetics Investing in Farmers

This cosmetics company has laid some non-carbon footprints worth following.  When you walk into any of the 931 Lush stores spread across 49 countries, you’re immediately tantalized by colors and flavors you can only imagine before you’ve tried them with names like Moroccan Argan, Ugandan Moringa and Indonesian Illipe.  These ingredients are mixed together with […]

Nike Steps to Erase Carbon Footprint

Nike is pledging zero waste to erase its carbon footprint Nike’s new European distribution center in Ham, Belgium is powered by 100% renewable energy. All 1.5 million square feet of the new facility, known as the Court, are powered by locally generated wind, solar, geothermal, hydroelectric, and biomass sources. This is part of Nike’s sustainability […]

Saving the Environment One Tree at a Time

Global deforestation may be a growing concern, but reforestation efforts are tackling the root of the problem.  “People don’t realize how important trees are,” says Matt Hill, Founder and CEO of One Tree Planted, a Vermont-based non-profit that supports reforestation campaigns across the globe. Trees are a major food source, and make up the key […]

The Electricity-generating Bikes of Guatemala

Carlos Marroquin has shown that bicycles are good for much more than just transport. The Guatemalan inventor, inspired by the complexity of these two-wheeled contraptions, met representatives of PedalCanada, an organization that promotes bicycles as a way of helping local communities, especially widows affected by the armed conflict in Central America. Marroquin saw more potential […]