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4 Destinations That Will Transform Your Fear into Love

In psychology, there’s a term called “transfer of exaltation.” Roughly explained, it’s about a person’s ability to transform an experience of fear into an experience of love.

It’s ingrained in all of us to avoid feeling afraid; our brains sometimes change this emotion of fear into something more pleasant. Afterward, you can feel much more alive. We’ve chosen four destinations that might be hair-raising for some but will leave you exhilarated and with a renewed sense of respect for our natural world. Here are some places where you can experience nature as nature does. 

A Natural Adrenaline Boost

Have you ever wanted to sleep in a condor’s nest? Here is the next best thing! A transparent luxury capsule that hangs from the top of a mountain in the Sacred Valley of Peru. The exclusive Skylodge Adventure Suites offers you the chance to sleep inside a completely transparent hanging bedroom that allows you to appreciate the impressive view of this magic and mystic valley. If you want to experience nature like the protected and endangered Andean condor, then this experience will give you a new perspective on the importance of preserving our natural heritage. To sleep at Skylodge, you must climb 1,300 feet or hike a less daunting trail that includes zip lines. The hanging capsule suites offer 300-degree views of the majestic Sacred Valley. Hand crafted out of aerospace aluminum and weather-resistant polycarbonate, each suite comes complete with four beds, a dining area, and a private bathroom.

Sleep with the Fishes

Utter Inn, or translated to English, Otter Inn, is an art project by Swedish artist and entrepreneur Mikael Genberg that offers underwater accommodation to the public in a lake near Stockholm. The unique lodging is entered through a small, traditionally looking Swedish house on the surface of the water, but below, you’ll find a single underwater room. Spend your nights 10 feet underwater with panoramic views of the fish and natural beauty in all directions. It’s the opposite of an aquarium — a place for fish to stare at you instead.

Swing into the trees

Canadian company Free Spirit Spheres builds spherical tree houses as works of art — functional, tasteful, simple, and elegant — and invites people to spend a night at their unique and magical forest hotel. Much of the design and build is informed by the principle and practice of Biomimicry. According to the Biomimicry Institute: “Biomimicry is an approach to innovation that seeks sustainable solutions to human challenges by emulating nature’s time-tested patterns and strategies. The goal is to create products, processes, and policies — new ways of living — that are well-adapted to life on earth over the long haul.”

“We envision a truly world-class resort — one that allows people to experience nature in relative luxury while showcasing the majesty and true value of the west coast rainforest,” says Tom Chudleigh, a master craftsman and creative director of the project. “We hope to cultivate partnerships focused on extending this vision as a model for conserving forests and supporting healthy communities around the world.”

Live in a Water Volcano in the Jungle

Huilo-Huilo Biological Reserve in Chile is an area under private protection that encompasses 100,000 hectares of temperate rainforest. The area has great biological diversity, with one of the highest densities of unique fauna species in the world. It features glacier lakes and countless watercourses and eternal snow. One of the ten accommodations on the reserve is Montaña Magica, a mountain-shaped lodge that features nine fairytale-inspired rooms. The hotel is a gigantic man-made volcano that spews water over its rocky sides instead of lava. Windows peak from the sides like giant eyes with green, mossy eyelashes. The hotel and reserve is located within 232 square miles of living, breathing rainforest 400 miles South of Santiago.

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