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All of us have characteristics and behaviors that define us – to ourselves and others. Keeping a vision of positivity, growth and longevity is crucial for us to maintain a healthy and thriving business, career and life.

Incorporating the Genshai principles has worked for me and many others. I encourage everyone to give Genshai a chance. The ancient word means, “Never treat another person in a manner which makes them feel small, including yourself.”

This sacred word draws upon our ability to step into our excellence, showing our true greatness and utilizing these traits for the betterment of our lives and the betterment of humanity as a whole. Within the principles and teachings of Genshai lies the knowledge of five elements.
Ask yourself which people in your life represent the five principles below:

Fire (Ignite) – Challenges you to be passionate about how you show up in the world and serve as a light within it. They kindle our possibilities

Water (Flowing) – Connects you to the ebb and flow of the experiences of your heart. They help us relate to others and exemplify compassion.

Wind (Freedom) – Liberates thoughts and ideas and gives them flight. They lift us and breathe into our dreams.

Spirit (Grace) – Elevates our awareness of the nature and goodness of humanity. They bring out the divine in our souls.

Earth (Grounding) – Brings us stability through practical advice, acceptance, and reliability. They escort us through life’s changes.

Depending on the situation, personal relationships and our ingrained behaviors, we can be each of these elements. For example, you might represent fire to your business partner. Maybe you are water to your spouse. You are possibly Earth to your child. We harbor all these characteristics, but one is often more predominant. Which one describes you? Which one could use some work today?

We are all work in progress. It’s our responsibility to keep evolving and doing our best to leave Earth in a better shape than we found it. Through a collective and coherent effort, we all have a profound effect on each other and the environment around us. We call this the “The Genshai Effect.” Through positive thought, we develop positive patterns of behavior. Through decisive action, we generate positive characteristics. These characteristics sculpt us into the people we present to the world each day. There has never been a more critical time than the present for us to use these practices in our lives and workplaces, regardless of whether you work in corporate, retail, food, construction or anything else.

All of us can find happiness and success in our lives, especially within our careers. It’s possible with the Genshai Mind. When we implement these beliefs and practice them regularly, the positivity can benefit our way of life, our way of thinking and our way of doing business. With Genshai at the forefront of our minds, we can see the effects on our fellow employees, customers, communities, economies and humanity in general.

When I realized Genshai was something I identified with, I could at last identify and align myself  against a mindset that I had been trying to cultivate. It helped me realize a way of being in the world that I had already chosen to live by. It also made me focus on authentic and important lessons that were necessary to grow internally as a person and be successful at a higher level in life.

As I strive to live as a Genshai Warrior, I share these principles as often as possible. The more frequently I give it away, the stronger and more successful I become. My prior relationships and friendships have deepened. I have made many new relationships with people who share the same thinking and similar goals in life; one’s that revolve around a genuine commitment to growth through positivity.

In life, we can sometimes become stagnant, rest on our laurels or get too comfortable; unable to see what greatness, happiness, success and legacy is right in front of us. I encourage you to go to to learn more and to assess what element represents your life force. Let’s all step into our excellence and share the Genshai gift. Amazingly, that gift is you!

Robert W. Payne will release his book “Chaos Agent” (working title) in early 2019. He grew up mostly in Bolingbrook, Illinois (south of Chicago) and is an agent of change based on his life experiences. He is a member of the Genshai team – a word meaning, “Never treat another person in a manner which makes them feel small, including yourself.” 

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