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Nearly 4 Million Americans Are Being Held Hostage by Violent Forces

Please share their urgent plea. WTF… Where’s the FEMA?

Did you know that nearly four million Americans are trapped in the path of a killer hurricane with no way to escape? Yes, media was on the scene reporting on Category 4 Hurricane Harvey’s destruction to Houston’s 2.3 million residents. Now they are in Miami reporting heavily on the potential impact on Miami-Dade’s 2.7 million residents by the approaching Category 5 Hurricane Irma. Both events are important news and both areas are getting a great deal of needed assistance.

But what is being under-reported is the devastation and isolation of the nearly 4 million Americans reeling from the attack by Irma and the Category 4 Hurricane Jose that is following her. Many reporters appear to be unaware that everyone born in the United States Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico are American citizens living in American territory. If millions of US citizens were victims anywhere else in the world, it would be our highest priority to save them. Do you wonder why we choose not to respond to these victims of natural disasters with the same powerful efficiency that we stage military operations?

The people of the United States Virgin Islands provide fun, rest and relaxation to 2.5 million vacationers every year. I am a resident of St. John who is on the mainland today and very worried about my friends and neighbors on one of the most beautiful places on the planet. We have no way to communicate with them or help them other than to let them know that help is coming and they are not forgotten.

If you would like to know and share more about what is happening on St. John there is a Facebook group called Stateside St. Johnians Alliance for Hurricane Irma.

If you want to help your fellow Americans recover from this devastation, please donate to one of these local 501c3 non-profit organizations:

And call your representatives and demand FEMA assistance for the island victims of these devastating hurricanes NOW.


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