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Lamborghini’s Latest Innovation: A Bicycle

Want a Lamborghini but not the guilt of destroying the environment? Automobili Lamborghini has signed a partnership with Italtechnology to develop the first range of E-Bikes bearing the Lamborghini name.
In keeping with Lamborghini tradition, the battery powered E-Bikes are masterpieces of advanced technology, aimed at an exclusive and demanding clientele. Conceived, designed, and built entirely in Italy, the bikes are the result of over five years’ research and feature technological innovation, cutting-edge design, and four international patents.
There’s not much detail on the bike itself from the legendary Italian car manufacturer, but a battery powered bicycle is certainly a symbolic step in the right direction and signals a greener future.
The new E-Bikes will initially be available in two versions: an MTB designed for a dynamic lifestyle and outdoor activities, and a version dedicated more to speed for customers who want ultimate performance on the road, with a bike that can quickly reach the maximum speed allowed by current regulations.
For both models the battery life in “eco” mode is a maximum of 90 miles (145 km) and for full recharge the time is four hours. As with their cars, the Lamborghini bike is not expected to be cheap, starting at around $17,000.
The exclusiveness of the bikes is completed by the “Ad Personam” program, which customizes the livery in the paint colors – usually reserved for Lamborghini’s super sports cars. The first two versions of the pedal assist E-Bikes bearing the Lamborghini will become available online and through selected specialized retailers worldwide. 

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