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Climate Leadership in Davos: What It Is, and How To Get It Done

Davos, Switzerland — At the World Economic Forum 2020, Jakob Trollbäck, the architect of the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals framework, has unveiled a new initiative to foster Climate Leadership across corporate, investor, donor and NGO institutions.

Trollbäck advances the core principles of opportunity in a published booklet released in Davos called The Climate Leadership Playbook, and through a two-wall exhibit at the Global 17 Partners space in the heart of Davos.

“Everybody knows that we have to be more environmental and work urgently to fulfill the Global Goals,” Trollbäck noted. “We know what to do: but how do we make it happen, and how do we make sure our enterprises are relevant to the challenge?”

This is the subject of a discussion panel on the same subject hosted at the Global 17 Partners space, which features Sam Goldman, co-founder and President of d.light, and Sonia Lo, CEO of FreshBox Farms, along with Trollbäck , Ezgi Barcenas OF AB InBev, and others.

d.light, a leading innovator in financed solar energy and sustainable products, and FreshBox Farms, a leading innovator in hydroponic farming and environmental sustainability, provided sponsorship for the initial run of the Climate Leadership Playbook for World Economic Forum 2020 attendees.

“We’re here in part to celebrate the milestone of reaching 100 million customers with our sustainable energy solutions, and we’re pivoting toward a billion,” Goldman said. It’s in no small part because of our adherence to the principles that Jakob highlights.”

“We think that those organizations that commit to climate leadership have a clear marketplace advantage,” said Lo. “This framework is important, and we’re delighted to be the first signatory to it.”

In coming weeks, the Climate Leadership Playbook and related resources will be available online and supported by a variety of services for enterprise leaders who adopt it.

The initiative is created by Trollbäck’s company, The New Division, and The ForeSight Group. Impact management company 5th Element Group PBC along with Gitterman Wealth Management will help market the campaign and related resources in the coming months.