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Rethink Your Business Before It’s Too Late

This week I had the opportunity to interview multi-business owner Jared Meyers of Legacy Vacation Club and Salt Palm brands who recently launched Florida For Good to help inform, inspire and connect Florida business owners to rethink the way they do business.

You never know whom exactly you’re going to get on the opposite end of a podcast, some guests try to promote their own brand, book, or thought leadership but for the hour I spent with Jared we focused on what motivated him beyond his businesses.

I got to know the real Jared, and the real Jared genuinely felt obligated to spread the word about what mistakes lead to his epiphany (See below).

“A lot of times our epiphanies in life or the lessons we learn are because we go through tough times…”

Tough times call for tougher decisions. The next decision he would make would change his life [and potentially yours] forever. If the business owner community prioritized stakeholder value over shareholder value how might that impact their bottom-line? So I asked him this…

“Why not be a leader and do it proactively?”

Jared’s debacle inspired a new purpose, one that transparently fosters shared value leadership throughout the value chain. By focusing on all stakeholders one must consider its environmental ramifications and reduce its carbon-footprint, pay fair-trade prices, and reveal their company’s impact. But wait! Doesn’t that mean higher costs? Jared you’re crazy! Are you thinking what I was?

“This sort of an investment makes financial sense.”

Failure, realization, and resolution all in under 5 minutes. Jared encompasses the core values of what I deem as a real leadership and it seems to manifest throughout his company’s entire value chain. I’m excited to see if his decisions result in long-term growth and is a model for the next generation of leaders before it’s too late.

If you learned anything from this read today it would mean the world to me if you shared this with your network and continue the discussion on shared value leadership.

I never know who will be on the opposite end of the podcast but I’m grateful it was Jared Meyers. You too can get to know him better by experiencing the full episode below.

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