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Noor Daoud is Drifting Against The Tide

Palestinian drift racing star Noor Daoud relishes breaking down global barriers.

Palestinian drift racing star Noor Daoud has spent her adult life breaking down barriers in the world of sport and she is only getting started.

She launched her motorsport career in 2009 when she took part in a speed test, graduating to the high octane world of drifting two years later.

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Not content with excelling behind the wheel, she is also a personal trainer and engages in a spot of Muy Thai Boxing and skydiving for good measure.

Growing up on the occupied West Bank, she credits her strong mother with giving her the courage to confound Arab society’s expectations at every turn.

She revealed, “I always knew I loved cars. I have a very supportive Mum. I used to take my Mum’s car and go drift (on supermarket car parks and land within range of Israeli guns).

“People say, ‘Why do you do this? You should do something better. You should get married, for example’.

“I do boxing before any race, it gets me focused. When I put the helmet on, I feel me and the car are one.

“I am a personal trainer because I love to help people achieve their goals.”

Her high profile has also helped her and a like-minded group of women called the ‘Speed Sisters’ blaze a global trail including a recent award-winning documentary.

Manager Maysoon Jayyusi, along with drivers Daoud, Mona Ali, Marah Zahalka and Betty Saadeh, formed to compete against male drivers in souped-up BMWs, Volkswagens and Datsuns.

She added, “We’re one team – we love and support each other. We’re Middle-eastern girls representing Palestine, so it wasn’t easy for us to form a team and to race.

“Many people didn’t want me to go into this sport, I endured a lot of negativity, but I never gave up and I never will. It’s my life, my passion, the only thing that really makes me happy. I believe that if someone wants something bad enough, they will achieve it.”

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