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Ignorance is Not Bliss. We Must Take Action

We live in an ignorant world. A world that’s made to believe that it’s ok to live the same way each day: wake up, go to work, earn your salary, feed your children and do just enough to get by. But to me, this is real ignorance.

Life often feels unfulfilling if we just do enough to get by. What are we leaving behind for the next generation? Do we know what is happening around us? Or do we choose to ignore it?

People often have an egocentric approach to life, and we tend to believe that as long as we aren’t directly affected by a problem, then we are excused from addressing it. This gives a false sense of security. Things may not affect us directly, but whether we believe it or not, events such as climate change affect us all, and it’s happening right before our eyes.

Despite the decision made by the U.S. government to pull out of the Paris Agreement, individuals, organizations, companies, and communities in that country and around the world, should continue to take action on global climate. Our future is at stake, and it’s up to us to make a collective effort by working together and forming partnerships to implement a plan. 

We all have different ideas and skills, and when we team up and combine our thinking, innovation, and expertise, we are capable of developing a greater impact. Here are a few ways we can all take action.

Don’t buy a car – Cycle instead

If more people ride bikes, this will cut down the co2 emissions and also keep people fit and healthy. One of the biggest global warming contributors is the burning of fossil fuels and with the world’s population increasing each year emissions are escalating rapidly. If we cut down on the use of cars that emit co2 and ride bikes instead, there would be a gradual decrease in emissions.

Eat less red meat, or none at all

Did you know eating red meat contributes to the emissions of greenhouse gasses? On a global level, approximately 14.5% of all greenhouse gas pollution is caused by livestock. Animal flatulence creates methane – a potent greenhouse gas – and the manufacture of cattle food uses a lot of resources. We can live a much healthier life without red meat, and if you’re worried about not getting enough protein, you can get it from white meat, beans, eggs, milk, and nuts.

Recycle & Up-cycle

Trash in landfills is growing. Most of the time we buy things we don’t need, and we should start spending less on things we don’t need and get creative with what we already have. Reuse your plastic, paper, scrap metal, clothes and other non-biodegradable materials. Don’t throw it away, create something from it and decrease the trash in our landfills.

Below is a list of young leaders, who are making a positive impact on the environment, helping further sustainable growth and inspiring others to do the same:

1. The Vello Bike

Vello bikes are high-performance, handmade and foldable bikes developed for urban commuting. The are the first self-charging electric folding bike.


2. Urban Green Farms

Australian-based Urban Green Farms is helping reduce our environmental impact by finding sustainable ways to farm and offer great healthy recipes that don’t include red meat.


3. South African Art

A South African artist who recycles old notes, cardboard and old paper to create moulds for her paintings.


4. Ocean Clean Up

The Ocean Clean Up is an innovative start up that is dedicated to developing technologies that extract, prevent and intercept ocean plastic pollution. They are also investigating how they can reuse the material once it is back on shore.


5. Weaver Green

Weaver Green makes indoor and outdoor rugs and textiles from yarn spun entirely from recycled plastic bottles. 100% recycled, environmentally friendly and ethically produced.


6. Sustainable Surf

Sustainable Surf create surfboards from styrofoam and up-cycles damaged surfboards.



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