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Why Everyone Needs Forums In Their Workplace

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By 2020 an estimated 50% of the US workforce will work remotely. While millennials are increasingly yearning work-life balance, managers are witnessing first-hand the struggle of alignment, productivity, and lack of in-person leadership.

Ahad Ghadimi, CEO of Forums@Work might just have the remedy, “Forums@Work are company-peer groups who meet regularly in an open, honest, candid and safe setting with the purpose of becoming better leaders,” Ghadimi told Real Leaders magazine earlier this month.

Bringing forums to the workplace has already made an impact on Contegix and their CEO, David Turner. In the video above, Turner giddily explains the impact Ghadimi’s once-a-week peer group meetings have had on his remote workforce, “I’ve heard words like, ‘this has been the best thing in my career,’ ‘I’m honored to be a part of this,’ ‘it’s made such a difference in my home-life,’ you just don’t hear things like that from other leadership programs,” Turner revealed.

There is no way to undersell the value of leadership and its importance in any setting. When we asked Turner about his return on investment, he promptly stated, “there’s no better value, period, full-stop than creating forums within the workplace.”

Witness the impact of forums in your workplace and visit the website or email Forums@Work CEO, Ahad Ghadimi!

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