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Celebrating Queen Mother: A Frontier SDG Hero

Queen Mother, the Global Ambassador for Africa at the United Nations and Founder of New Future Foundation has been honored as a Frontier SDG (Sustainable Development Goal) Hero.

The Decade Of Women action campaign, a core initiative of 5th Element Group, is honoring Frontier SDG Heroes that are leading the charge in accomplishing the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals, across all industries today.

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Dr. Delois Blakely, affectionately known at the United Nations as “Queen Mother”, is a SDG #5 Hero, championing gender equality initiatives for women and girls around the world. Her SDG object is her native dress that symbolizes the power of women and of the feminine to rise above any obstacle and to take on any challenge. “Don’t hide who you are. I say to women all over the world, celebrate all of who you are, in all of your beautiful colors!

“Queen Mother is down with the Decade Of Women! You tell them that Queen Mother is… down, she is so down, with the Decade Of Women! You tell them this is a sacred path.

And you tell them that those billboards in Times Square, they have to stay up. They have to stay up permanently, to be seen all the time all over the world. Because you are changing mindsets. You are changing mindsets of how things are. And mindsets have got to be changed to see that is through women that all of our problems will be solved. It is by supporting women and girls and youth that we will move forward in the world, that’s just the truth.”

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