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Are Our Leaders Oversexed?

In a sex-crazed society like ours it really is no surprise to learn our leaders are also obsessed with the pleasures of the flesh. It’s embarrassing, yes, but hardly news.

As angry debate over male libido takes over the media and social networks, I find myself wondering about the role of women in this. Are female leaders oversexed too?

Before you lunge for my throat, let me explain.

I’m excited about attending a discussion next week between Manuel Valls and Javier Vega de Seoane here in Madrid. The former French Prime Minister and the highly respected business leader will be moderated by prominent news anchor Susana Griso. Everybody agrees she is excellent at her job. But please take a moment to look her up on Google and tell me what her pictures spell out to you. What is your first impression?

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She is not alone, of course. Look up anybody who stars on TV regularly and you will find the same low cut cleavages, sexy poses and pouting lips. Within Spain and outside of Spain too. Look up male TV stars too. Watch the younger ones doing a photo shoot at the gym to show off perfect six packs or to publicize underwear between more “serious” news reports.

Watch the news on any channel and look for a single woman who is spared from the pressure to present her body on a platter in an effort to keep viewers glued to the screen. These people shape our opinions and inform our thinking while they stimulate our lower instincts to keep us interested. Now this is what I call oversexed leadership.

But it’s not only the TV crowd. Female leaders are constantly criticized for their less-than-perfect looks. The last two decades have pushed women to remain eternally sexy at any age, pushing up our busts with expensive bras, slimming down our middle-age spread bottoms and pumping up our height on killer heels. Any woman will tell you it is exhausting and super uncomfortable. Except Victoria’s Secret models, of course!

And then I heard Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, renowned Spanish fashion designer, say that “when somebody is always dressed in a sexy way, they stop being sexy because they become boring”. I had to laugh. She is right on the money. What ARE we doing to ourselves??

Yes, we have a big problem. Men, women, transgenders and gender-neutrals alike. There is far too much pressure on sex to make it fun, enjoyable or spontaneous anymore. It has muted into a game of power, competition and success. When it was supposed to be about intimacy, shared complicity and profound connection.

Or did I get that wrong? If I did, I hope I never get it right.

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