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The Great Work Reset: 4 Things to Know


“We’re going through the largest capital experiment in the history of the world right now. And we’re guessing how we’re going to restart our economies.”

Gary A. Bolles is an internationally recognized expert on the future of work and the future of of learning, aimed at finding solutions on every scale, for individuals, organizations, communities, and countries.

The following is a summary of Episode 76 of the Real Leaders Podcast, a conversation with internationally recognized speaker, Gary A. Bolles. Read or listen to the full conversation below.

The Future of Work

Gary explains that the workforce is moving beyond the old model that divided life into three phases (education, work, and retirement). Even before the changes brought about by the pandemic, career trajectories have been shifting towards the Japanese model, Ikigai (reason for being) which suggests that the secret to a long and happy life is to pursue four things. Gary lists these as the four domains of the Great Reset and the future of work:

  1. Something you can make money at
  2. Something you’re good at
  3. Something that you love doing
  4. Something that the world needs

He emphasizes that young people today are reversing this trend:

“They’re asking first, what does the world need? If I can focus on that I’m going to love doing it, if I love doing it I’m going to get better at it, and if I get better at it, I’ll get paid better for it.”

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Inclusive Capitalism

Gary explains that our current economic system can’t offer equal opportunity because it rewards capital over labor, which prevents people at the bottom of the ladder from climbing higher, let alone reaching the top. Consequently, adapting this system into an inclusive model will require modifying the system to increase accessibility to opportunity, and upgrading human potential to help people continually develop the skills that can solve the problems of tomorrow. This will require transforming education systems, companies making much bigger investments in training, and personal commitments to lifelong learning.

“There’s no question that we need to double down on Capitalism, but it has to be inclusive capitalism. It has to be where we’re helping people to be able to find or create meaningful, well-paid work and then they get compensated fairly for it.”

The Great Reset will address four levels of society: individuals, organizations, communities, and countries, each with its own problem statement.

“Individuals just want to be able to find or create meaningful, well-paid work today and tomorrow. That’s all people want. Organizations keep telling me that they need talented workers that can help them solve the problems of today and tomorrow. Communities want to be ecosystems where everybody can thrive. And countries want to build inclusive economies. This is what we’re all designing for. Now where do you fit?”



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