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Dream Small: How Local Efforts Can Make Global Impact

Sixty years ago last month, Clara Luper sat down at the Katz Drug Store counter in Oklahoma City with her two children and several members of the NAACP Youth Council, refusing to leave until they were served. Her efforts over the next several years desegregated hundreds of establishments across Oklahoma and led to one of […]

How I Helped Provide Shelter to 26,000 Earthquake Victims

I was born into a family of nine in the Lalitpur district in Kathmandu Valley, Nepal. My father worked up to 16 hours per day to provide for me and my six siblings. I hated the fact that I was born into a poor, undeveloped country. Throughout my childhood, I faced many social and financial […]

Invest in Inexperience to Solve The Global Leadership Crisis

In a tumultuous world grappling with serious challenges in practically every domain, from violence and intolerance, to climate degradation, poverty, systemic inequality, and a global leadership crisis, it has become self-evident that we need to renew and expand our efforts to have a positive impact, rather than a destructive one, on the world around us. […]