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Migrants: Economic Meltdown or Boon For Your Business?

Demographics is the quantifiable study of populations based on factors such as age, race, sex, economic status, level of education, income level and employment, among others. It’s typically one of the slower moving forces of change, but as we look to the near future, demographics will become the most potent force of disruption. Demographic changes […]

Why do we Believe Things Are Impossible?

There are good reasons in believing that some things are impossible, especially when they’ve been built into our societal or organizational psyche. Greg Satell, an unconventional thinker, explains, “We spend a good portion of our lives learning established models. We go to school, train for a career and hone our craft. We make great efforts […]

The Quality of a Great Leader: Seek Amazing Quests

During a sudden downpour in 2012, Paul Cummins sought refuge in a public library. He explored the archives and came across wills written by soldiers fighting in the first world war. One written phonetically, captivated him. Paul is dyslexic and the phonetics made it easier for him to read. He realized that it was the […]