For Companies Shopping for Quality Carbon Credits, a New Guide Offers Help

A new guide published in May is helping companies make smarter decisions about purchasing tropical forest credits, a strategy for offsetting greenhouse gas emissions, slowing deforestation and mitigating climate change. The Tropical Forest Credit Integrity (TFCI) guide provides support for companies seeking to purchase high-quality carbon credits, which will bring them closer to decarbonizing their operations and […]

“Handshake Activism” Won’t Defuse the Climate Emergency

We need to mobilize many more people from all walks of life, say climate activists Kumi Naidoo and Luisa Neubauer. If a historian were charting the climate movement, she’d probably set its highwater mark so far as September of 2019, when something like 7 million people, most of them young, took to the streets of […]

Transforming Climate Activism for a New, More Urgent Era

With less than 10 years left to avert climate catastrophe, campaigners Kumi Naidoo and Luisa Neubauer say activists need to ramp up civil disobedience. Kumi Naidoo is the former head of Greenpeace. Luisa Neubauer is one of the founders of Germany’s Friday for Future climate school strike movement. But Naidoo and Neubauer’s entry into activism […]

Why We Need to Recycle Clean Energy Technologies — and How to Do It

Millions of tons of spent solar panels, wind turbine blades and lithium-ion batteries could be wasted in landfills — or put back to use for the clean energy transition. In the past decade, solar panels, wind turbines and lithium-ion batteries have boomed in production volume and plummeted in price. That’s enabled many countries to accelerate […]

Now Read This: Stop Doomscrolling and Save the Planet

Seven new environmental books offer practical advice, lessons from successful conservation projects and inspiration in troubled times. These are the times that try our souls — and our Facebook feeds. So if you’re tired of the horrors unfolding hour after hour on social media and TV news, stop doomscrolling and point your eyes somewhere more […]

Meet the Recycling Start-up Hustling to Keep EV Batteries Out of Landfills

Just four years after launching a pilot plant in Canada, Li-Cycle has raised US$500 million from high profile investors to build out EV battery recycling plants and hubs across the U.S. There’s no shortage of evidence that the electric vehicle market hit some kind of inflection point in the last year or so. But for […]

Five Million Deaths a Year and Rising — What Are You Doing to Save my F*** Life?

This story title is not a rude or hysterical question. It’s not an alarmist plea for protection against a theoretical future threat. It’s a now question. ‘It is a grave error to imagine that the world is not preparing for the disrupted planet of the future. It’s just that it’s not preparing by taking mitigatory […]

Opinion: The Media Must Make the War in Ukraine About the Climate Crisis

In the last few weeks, the war in Ukraine has stolen most of the world’s media attention. So much so that climate advocates complain that news of the war now overshadows the much more important UN climate report, released on Monday the 28th of February which got very little media attention. But it would be […]

Spanish Farmers Fight Forest Fires With Agroforestry (and Many Sheep)

The forest fire stopped just before arriving at Nieves Fernández Vidueira’s farm, but it burned all day in the area surrounding Quintela do Pando in Galicia, northwestern Spain. “I will never forget the terror that I felt,” Fernández said. “When we woke up we couldn’t even breathe, everything was covered with smoke, it seemed like […]

The Good News About Climate Change: There’s Still Hope

With warming environments, landscapes are shifting. But life is still abundant. When ecologist Craig Allen looks across the brown, grassy shrublands on the east flank of the Jemez Mountains in northern New Mexico, he feels no satisfaction that he was right. Right that the world was warming. Right that warming would spur such large, severe fires […]