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Pitching Investors? Here’s How to be Powerful, Human and Authentic

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Each week, speech coach and leadership mentor James Rosebush will answer a question on how to improve your public speaking

Catherine Nguyen, CEO of Wild Willett Food, asks: “As a woman pitching investors who may mostly be men how do I represent myself as powerful and yet human and authentic?”

Dear Catherine,

Great question and thanks for having the honesty an insight to ask this rarely spoken conundrum. I have found through doing pitches to investors that the winning formula is authenticity and competency.  This means that you don’t change your demeanor or personality to suit what you think might be the predispositions of the audience. At the same time, you do need to be aware of your own identity and feel confident about it.

Regardless of whether you are male or female, investors look for leadership skills and experience, as well as clarity of vision and competence in grasping the market and finer details of what you’re seeking investment for.   If you’re a woman, be polished and professional with a clear, unwavering and strong voice. Stand and deliver with a straightforward confidence in your business , back straight, chin up, and good eye contact. Then, add the passion for your product — that in some cases might only be achieved by a woman.  This is what can give a woman an undeniable edge — enthusiasm and verve. Go for it!

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