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Serena Williams and Mark Cuban Invest in Digital Support Network for New Moms

Serena Williams and Mark Cuban are investing $3 million in Mahmee, a startup that provides resources for mothers during pregnancy and through the first critical year of parenthood.

There is a gap between the quality of care for pregnant mothers versus mothers who have just given birth. The most vulnerable time for mothers and babies is from birth to the their first birthday. Mahmee provides online group discussions with other moms going through this critical time and also connects them to medical providers. Physicians and specialists can share care plans while providing parents with personalized support and education. 

Around 700 women die from pregnancy-related complications in the United States each year, according to the Centers for Disease Control. This is the worst maternal death rate of any developed country. The statistic really hit home for tennis legend Serena Williams. When her daughter was delivered through emergency C-section, she developed blood clots in her lungs and Williams was hospitalized for a week, confined to her bed at home for six weeks and incapacitated for another two months. 

In a recent press release Williams said, “Given the bleak data surrounding maternal death and injuries, I believe that it’s absolutely critical right now to invest in solutions that help protect the lives of moms and babies. Mahmee’s data-driven approach is the right solution to one of the most significant problems in the healthcare system: That of fragmented care.”

Mark Cuban added, “This tech solution is helping usher in the future of maternity health care.”

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