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My Summer Journey of Change

There is so much goodness in this world. I have just been on a two-month adventure through 10 American States — and what I witnessed were people helping others, laughter, some concern, and the most beautiful natural places I have ever seen. 

Zion Utah and Bryce Canyon topped that list. We walked trails that twisted around snow-filled peaks, ate snack bags and slept in the car at two national parks. I’m a woman who loves her Four Seasons, but wouldn’t change the night I spent under the stars in Wyoming — under a Chicago Cubs blanket on a concrete slab — for anything. 

Bryce Canyon National Park, Southwestern Utah. Photo: Luca Galuzzi

I left the small 325iBMW to stretch my legs after hours of driving and found a place to stretch my legs. I called my friends. They asked me if I was scared. “No,” I replied. “Goodness begets goodness and I wish I had a photo to show you of that night sky.”
My journey started with flights on business to Dallas and Baltimore, DC and Chicago and then a return to San Diego. I relinquished the condo I had lived in for more than 12 years and decided to follow a path of the “untethered soul.” I gave my belongings to my housekeeper and an animal rescue shelter. There were some things I just couldn’t bear to sacrifice for my new adventure — I left my books in a friend’s garage because I want to curate a personal library someday.
I left California with my travel companion, Robert Payne, and we drove to Utah. We were put up in a log cabin by the Bronze Buffalo Club, an exclusive club that hosts captains of industry, celebrities, entrepreneurs and athletes. They offer access to the world’s most inaccessible experiences and we went fly fishing, skeet shooting, and rode horses.


From there, we went to Jackson Hole, Wyoming, to appreciate the elk antlers and the art culture. Gary and Leesa Price are friends of ours, and Gary has sculptures that uplift the human spirit dotted across the Wyoming landscape.


Then, on to the Rocky Mountain Economic Summit where we met amazing people at the top of their game, all of them so humble — hedge fund managers, angel investors, venture capitalists, and three Federal Reserve Presidents. We talked about trends, innovation, technology, healthcare, education, climate, and more.
We stayed at a variety of Marriott properties along the way, too. Here, we met some fantastic people — all complete strangers. Some were on a journey like ours, others were on vacation. The questions I would always ask were: What are you up to? Why are you here? What have you experienced? Who are you with? What will you do with these experiences? I love it when people share and talk. It’s so special to connect with people from all walks of life.
This is a lifestyle journey and a transition toward another stage of my life. It was a necessary break from the corporate routine and my high-pressure job of organizing the lives of other executives. Fulfillment can sometimes come from doing simple things, and this was one of them. My only fear is — to where next?

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