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Real Leaders Must Decide, Commit and Execute

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We live in challenging times. However, that does not give us an excuse to rest on our laurels, ignore responsibility for our lives, or the opportunity to be a contributor to humanity. The time is now to share our skills and talents and offer insights and solutions from our experience as leaders and entrepreneurs. We must, because we can.

Solutions are needed everywhere right now: for people, cultures, the environment, healthcare, education, food and shelter. I know this because I grew up rough on the street, homelessness, and part of the nightlife. I had the fortitude to realize that I would likely leave this earth too soon if I didn’t learn from this experience. I survived harsh obstacles in life, and so can you. My plea to you in this article is to: decide, commit and execute.


“Where there is a will, there is a way.”

What does it mean to decide? Decisions mean precision. They require focus and attention. A first step is to know what decision you need to make going forward, and an awareness of those you’ve already made, to bring you where you are today. It also requires you to ask which ones need to change.

Be confident in your decisions. What happens when a decision doesn’t pan out? You have to reevaluate and make another decision, and sometimes yet another decision. It’s perpetual. Life is too short to be at war with yourself – or with others for that matter. Focus your efforts and on your powers — which includes your ability to communicate, your relationships, your drive and a generosity of time and compassion.

Know when to step back or step up. When a venture falls apart, take stock of why it happened. Decisions include risk, and a mentality of “no risk no reward.” Find the silver lining. Typically, this is the experience itself, and the resulting lessons. Trust the process and stick to the heart and soul of your purpose and who you are. Whatever you create, you initiate. If you haven’t experienced transition yet, you certainly will soon. Be true to yourself. Seek mentors and guidance. There is strength in asking for what you don’t know, or what you need.


“Nothing or no one will get in the way of my success.”

We dream or proclaim: “I want to do this. I desire this.” Yet, when the rubber meets the road – will you actually do “it”? We may have pure intentions in changing our lives, businesses and attitudes, but then it falls by the wayside. We’ve all had this happen. I’m not a fan of resolutions, but I’m an absolute fan of being resolute. Just get it done.

A commitment is really to yourself. You have the control over your decisions and commitments. No one else is responsible for that. It’s squarely on your shoulders. As for input from others, seek it, but know the choice or decision is ultimately yours. Don’t get wishy-washy if a commitment is hard to make or you feel you may not fulfill it. Return to the necessity of “Decide” in the previous paragraphs. Decide, and then commit. Tell someone that you’ve made that commitment. Be accountable.

Once you know and focus on what is important to you, clarity will be king, and your commitment will follow.


“What is the power of execution?”

Nothing really happens without execution. Execution is also perpetual. It’s not a one stop shop. The meaning of the word execution is forward movement. It requires physical and mental action. Busy doesn’t always mean being productive. Making sure that you are in flow is proper movement, necessary for propelling you toward your goals. It necessitates an assessment of what you want and how you will accomplish it. I take inventory of my actions, outcomes and executions every single day. This might happen when I wake up, take a shower, workout at the gym, drive in my car or make my bed — but it’s always a conscious effort.

What you’ll discover when you pay attention, is what you need to recalibrate about yourself. No day is the same. Something will come up that interrupts your energy or thoughts and actions. Give pause when this happens.

When you decide, commit and execute it means that you hustle. This doesn’t suggest you become a hustler – that has a very different meaning and connotation. What I mean, is that you must have an intensity and desire to do more in your day, in our world, and with all the people with whom you interact. Put yourself at the front of that list.

Put the Following Hustle into Your Daily Practice:

  • Be clear on your intentions
  • Focus on your character and characteristics
  • Utilize your time effectively
  • Do not over-extend yourself and take time to refresh.
  • Speak your truth
  • Define what is next
  • Formulate the right questions to ask of those who have different experience and wisdom. Discern on whether you should apply it
  • What will be your routine?
  • Who will you include in your process?
  • How will you make your life happen… and how will you show up in it?

Stay focused. Be clear. Know yourself. You will receive the dividends of decide, commit and execute in more ways than one. Become your very best. Treat others with kindness. Impact just one life; more if you can. Be truthful and act with integrity. Demonstrate the essence of character. Be discerning in your choices and you will always rise to personal and professional success.

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