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How to be a Conscious, Unstoppable Leader When the World is in Chaos

Dear Conscious Leaders,

During turbulent times, our leadership faces the biggest litmus test. And with the recent turmoil from Coronavirus (and other factors), you might be feeling that.

As a conscious, unstoppable leader, tough times aren’t only a test, they’re also an opportunity. Instead of flying by the seat of your pants, you have the chance to consciously evaluate your leadership, and in the process, you can emerge as a stronger leader while uplifting your team. 

The secret sauce is developing your executive function and staying present. 

When we face intense stress, fear can take over. Fear has three strategies: flight, fight and freeze. When none of those tactics work, our sense of vulnerability kicks in. When it does it’s telling us to connect. And the best thing to connect to is the present moment. To stay focused and certain and confident. And to lead others to that place. 

This is why we must develop our executive function; our capacity to reason with ideas, take time to think before acting, meet unanticipated challenges, resist temptations, and stay focused. 

In moments when you are out of your comfort zone, when the information you need is not available but you still have to make good decisions, your ability to remain present and think rationally is critical.  Just like any other skill, it can be learned and transformed into a habit. Imagine that ability kicking in as your autopilot instead of fear.

Your brain will try to fill in information gaps. This is where your leadership begins: leading yourself in these moments by providing the direction. There is always the choice to breathe and focus on the present. Give your brain that information. When you adopt and develop this practice and philosophy, not only can you feel centered, you can become unstoppable and lead others to be the same. 

If you need a crash course in developing your executive function, contact me and I’ll personally take you through The StillPoint Experience — a science-based solution to develop your ability to stay calm and make smarter decisions when you are out of your comfort zone and in the most trying of times. 

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