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4 Valuable Tips From The Elderly On Business and Leadership

We often turn to the older generation for advice on many things in life. From love and relationships to financial and moral issues. It’s natural as human beings to seek an older person’s point of view as they’ve experienced many of the same things we have, and can offer many words of wisdom.

It’s likely that at some point in your life you’ve gone to an older person for assistance — whether a parent, grandparent, older friend, or even a neighbor. But, have you ever gone to an older person to seek advice on business, leadership or your career? Your job is one of the most time-consuming aspects of your life; you likely spend more time at your job than anything else, so it’s important that you enjoy what you do (and who you do it for). Below are four valuable tips from residents at an independent senior living community in NJ to the younger generation about business and how to be a successful leader.

1. Like Other Hardships in Life, Hardships in Business Will Pass, Too

We all know the cliche, “this too shall pass.” This mantra is not only true in stressful personal life situations, it’s also true and relevant in business and your job. Stressful situations at work, whether with coworkers or a business deal that went wrong, are not permanent. Of course, at the moment, it’s hard to tell yourself that some issues will pass and everything will be okay. However, to be a successful business owner, employee, or leader, you will need to familiarize yourself with this way of thinking.

2. Always Look for Ways to Be Inspired

Residents I spoke with agreed that continually looking for ways to be inspired is one of the best ways to grow as a leader and help your business live up to its fullest potential. Inspiration will keep you motivated to learn and try new things and become confident in your business endeavors. Likewise, looking for new ways to be inspired will help you connect with your employees as a leader, making you more relatable and interesting. Your employees will feel more confident in their work when they know that their leader, too, is still growing, learning, and evolving. 

3. Mentors Are Key

No matter how successful you become, and no matter how large your business ends up becoming, you will always need a mentor. Mentors will help you grow and become the best version of yourself — in business and life. When you have a mentor that has your best interests in mind, you’ll be able to make better-informed decisions around your business and have accessible leadership tips at any given time.

4. The People You Work With are Just as Crucial as Your Salary

We work to make money, and a lot of the time we think salary is an essential part of our job. Although your salary is important, the environment in which you work is just as critical. You should work in an environment where people build each other up and help each other become better employees and better people. The people you work with should want you to succeed and should make going to work enjoyable. If you’re in a leadership position, you likely have some power in choosing who you bring onto your team. If you’re in a position of power, try to choose employees that you know will be good employees and good people, too. Likewise, enforce this mentality with your current employees to create a healthier and happier workplace. 

Whether you have owned your own business for years, or have just started out, keep these tips in mind. The elderly people who offered this advice have worked in various roles and are familiar with the need to balance work, success, and happiness. As you work, try to make the most out of every situation and continuously strive to make your business, and yourself, the best version possible.

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