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3 Steps on The Road to Happiness

You’re born to be happy. In fact, everything in the world is conspiring every day to make you happy.

The sun, the stars, the wind, the rain, the birds, the flowers and the trees. Everything around you sings happiness. Do you even notice?

We spend our lives looking for happiness in things we acquire, people we encounter and goals we achieve only to get disappointed as happiness quickly fades away. 

We confuse happiness with pleasure. 

Happiness is a state of being, a journey, a frequency you acquire as you live your higher purpose, what I call your “Purposehood.” All you need to do to receive happiness is to direct your receiver, your heart, and mind to it.

There are three simple steps to living your purposehood:

1. First, you need to find it. 

Start by writing your purposehood statement. It’s the anchor that will allow you to explore possibilities. It’s not complicated. Your purposehood statement is your answer to two simple questions:

a. The selfish one:  If I could never fail, what would I want to achieve in my life? 
b. The selfless one: In exchange for achieving what I want for myself, what would I want to do for the world?

Your purposehood statement states what’s in it for you and what’s in it for the world. In the days and months as you practice the second and third steps and reflect on your purposehood statement you will discover your True North, your higher purpose, the meaning of your existence, the reason of your being, the passion and energy that drive you and fills your life.

2. The second step is to answer this one question first thing when you wake up in the morning: 

For all the blessings I have in my life, what selfless act do I intend to do today? 

This is the most powerful daily habit that will improve your life, bring you happiness and help you achieve your goals.  It’s the price that you pay to purchase a seat on the train destined to your dreams. 

I will let you in on a little secret; you already do daily selfless acts! You take care of your children, your parents, your pets or your plants. You smile at strangers; you pick up trash from nature, you say something nice to your coworkers, you help others with their work, you inspire, you teach, you share, you greet, you compliment.

All you need is to be aware of your actions and have the selfless intentions to do them for the well-being of others. Don’t walk the dog because you have to, do it because it’s a beautiful being that enjoys walks. Do it for the dog, not for yourself! You get the point.

So, start by listing all the selfless acts you already do and just make sure to focus your altruistic intentions on your daily pick.

3. The third step is to share what you accomplished with others.

Imagine if the icebreaker at the dinner table with your family is ‘so, what selfless act did you do today?’ Wouldn’t that change the whole experience of a dinner? Imagine the impact it will have on your family if that’s the icebreaker, every day! Make this question your icebreaker for your forum, business meetings and time out with friends.  Inspire them and get inspired by their stories. One can’t succeed alone. Together, it’s much easier. Imagine people in your community, at school, at work, in your neighborhood around town, caring a little bit more, smiling a little bit more; it will change your life as it will change theirs. 

Here’s the surprising side effect, as people who share your values and purpose get inspired by your stories, they will also be encouraged to help you reach your personal goals. 

This is exactly how the world works, give and you shall receive. 

With these three simple steps, you will find your purposehood, gain happiness and achieve your goals. It’s guaranteed! 

Don’t delay it. Take the first step now!

My Purposehood Statement: I want to inspire people to live well, do good and be happy every day of their life. Therefore, I will live well, do good and be happy every day of my life!

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