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Look Great in Seaweed T-shirts and Plastic Bottle Track Pants

Pangaia is a global collective of people with one mission – to accelerate the world’s transition to responsible production and consumption. The European fashion brand is taking the world by storm – and leaving no trace behind.

Every day we borrow resources from the planet. Producing billions of garments and feeding the endless whims of the fashion industry weighs heavily on our finite resources. Pangaia has put scientists and technologists together with designers and the next generation of creative minds, to create functional, sustainable products. They believe the end result should be beautiful, despite being made from next generation bio materials and  recycled fibers. 

The fashion brand is underpinned by a philanthropy platform called Missions, where they give customers a range of ways to give back. The company encourages any active involvement: donating time, energy or funds to pioneering individuals and organizations. 

Ocean plastic pollution is their current mission, so purchasing any Pangaia product will see them donate 1% to non-profit 5 Gyres, that promotes action against the global health crisis of plastic pollution – through science, art, education, and adventure.

Starting with basic clothing, Pangaia wants to create a global open source platform for the latest eco innovations and solutions, and at the same time connect like-minded individuals and organizations who care about the environment. Deeply committed to a zero waste circular economy, the company has joined forces with US-based The Renewal Workshop to make sure that each piece lives on by getting repaired or recycled when consumers have outgrown their clothing or find them damaged. 

Recognizing that collaboration is a great strategy for producing new products from new  materials, the scientists, technologists, artists and designers have created an amazing  sustainable wardrobe from a mixture of renewable and alternative resources, that includes bio and lab grown materials.

T-shirts consist of 20% seaweed fiber and are finished with a peppermint oil treatment, that allows anyone to wear a fresh T-shirt without washing – up to 10 times! Think of how much water that saves.

The hoodie and track pants are made from recycled materials and plastic bottles — they feel natural and help to reduce the amount of plastic waste on the planet.

All garment logos and prints are done using water-based PVC-free ink that respects the Restrictive Substance List.

If you’ve ordered your garment online, it will arrive in a bio-based, plastic alternative, which fully disappears within 24 weeks. The clothes, however, are made to last.

In an effort to be completely transparent and provide visibility around all stages of their production facilities in Italy and Portugal, all products have a tag, which when scanned with the Pangaia app, will confirm authenticity and display information on each product.

If you live in colder climates and you’re vegan, you can now purchase their puffer jacket filled with wild flower down — a breakthrough vegan technology launched exclusively by the Pangaia Collective. The jacket shell is made from post-consumer recycled materials and plastic bottles, and filled with wild flower down resulting in a 100% cruelty free alternative to traditional winter wear. Light and warm, the jacket is a result of over 10 years’ worth of scientific research – proof that if you really want to see change in the world you’ll find a way.

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