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Transforming The Way The World Views Failure

Fear of failure is an epidemic that stifles human potential and it’s time we rethink it.

Whether stemming from a lack of confidence or negative past experiences, the effect of fear of failure can be immobilizing, stopping most people before they even get started.

Over the years, I’ve coached hundreds of clients from all over the globe. My clients have been entrepreneurs, executives, artists and filmmakers. What I’ve learned is that almost everyone experiences fear of failure, regardless of how successful or accomplished they may be.

The truth is that we all fail far more often than we succeed, but because we are conditioned to constantly project success, our failures often go unseen, doing more damage than good.

I believe projecting success while never recognizing failure only perpetuates fear of failure. I believe that life’s biggest lessons can come from some of life’s biggest failures.

I believe failure allows us the opportunity to practice humility and compassion while building resilience and wisdom.

I believe fear of failure is an epidemic that stifles human potential and this is my attempt to inoculate it.

We Fail Forward: The Podcast On A Mission To Transform The Way The world Views Failure

On the show, we interview massively successful entrepreneurs, innovators and changemakers about their biggest failures. Our goal is to uncover how those failures have contributed to their success, shaped who they’ve become YOU the listener to play bigger and fail forward.

Each guest submits a “Resume of Failures” used as interview prep and then published on the website.

You can check them and more out at:


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