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Olivia Wilde is Turning Philanthropy on Its Head and Making a Profit

Photo by Simon Abrams on Unsplash

As a self-proclaimed proponent of the power of voting with your dollars, actress Olivia Wilde is proving it’s possible to live well without destroying the Earth and its inhabitants. Olivia, along with her business partner, Barbara “Babs” Burchfield, launched Conscious Commerce three years ago. The online marketplace features curated goods from ethical brands, as well as limited edition products that have resulted from collaborations between brands and smaller organizations. Because of Conscious Commerce’s success Olivia was recognized by Forbes as one of Hollywood’s young social entrepreneurs.

Olivia’s recognition is well deserved, as Conscious Commerce is more than just a digital boutique. Like any successful innovator, Oliva is tracking and anticipating trends. Right now, she sees philanthropy moving away from “$10,000 a plate fundraiser attendees” and “rich, white people who write checks” to a  for-profit philanthropy model that educates and empowers young millennials to “give back while shopping,” specifically through products that they would be purchasing anyway. (Olivia cites the success of social entrepreneur Blake Mycoskie and TOMS as a sign of the potential of this movement.)

This is why the products featured on Conscious Commerce have been paired with a nonprofit that will directly benefit from the product sales. By tapping into the billions of dollars being spent everyday, Conscious Commerce is helping consumers purchase the goods they would buy anyway and support incredible causes.

For more on Olivia’s business philosophy and Conscious Commerce, check out her interview with Forbes.

What do you think about Conscious Commerce and the idea of consumers voting with their dollars?

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