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Disney Announce Girl Power Star Wars Spin-offs

Disney expand the Star Wars universe by creating all-female animated shorts and a new line of toys aimed at a female audience. 

Disney are celebrating the girl power of ‘Star Wars’ by creating short on-line animations based on iconic female Star Wars characters including Rey, Jyn Erso, and Princess Leia.

Entitled ‘Star Wars Forces of Destiny’, each episode will focus on one female character, which will be voiced by the franchise’s original actresses – excluding the late Carrie Fisher, who will be replaced by actress Shelby Young.

“These pieces are all interconnected within the larger story universe of Star Wars. They are told in a way that they are self contained,” says Vice President of Lucasfilm Animation Development, Carrie Beck.

“So if you know nothing you can come in and experience these stories brand new. But if you are a fan and you know everything about Star Wars, this will add new dimension and new layer to the characters you already know and love.”

Disney haven’t just stopped with the animation series. They are bringing out a whole new set of more doll-like action figures aimed at girls too.

“We know that, through our testing, that this (the action figures) appeals to both boys and girls,” says Senior Vice President of Hasbro Brands, Samantha Lomow. “Of course you’ve got these great heroic female leads but we also have the really fun sidekicks that they interact with in the entertainment. We really wanted to bring those out as well. You may even see a villain or two on the way.”

‘Star Wars Forces of Destiny’ will begin on Disney’s YouTube channel in July.

By Rollo Ross


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