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Mastercard CMO: “How to Master the New Marketing Mindset for Tomorrow’s Consumers”

So, what should we know about the consumers of tomorrow, and what messages will resonate with them? One of the biggest cultural transformations happening around the world is that consumers aren’t expecting brands to sell them stuff anymore. Instead, customers now expect brands to create societal good. They want companies to be honest, transparent, operate […]

How to Strengthen Your Market Through Social Impact

An amazing change has taken place over the course of the last decade. Business has woken up to the reality of climate change, that we’ve all been talking about, but are now experiencing firsthand.  Many business leaders have realized that our abuse of plastics, poorly managed waste and overconsumption has become a threat, and that […]

Michael Franti: Creating a Better World Through the Power of Words

Musician Michael Franti has a deep understanding of the hurtful and healing power of words. Michael Franti didn’t want to tell his mother the bad name he’d been called at kindergarten that day. The last time he’d said a bad word in front of her, he had his mouth washed out with soap. “Was it […]