Inspiring Purpose-Driven Teams

Accelerate your impact and your bottom line by attracting and building a people-first culture. Imagine a world where work is additive to people’s lives. They take home a sense of inspiration and belonging to their families, friends, and communities, setting off a positive ripple effect. Leaders have the power to perpetuate this cycle of good […]

6 Secrets to Effective Impact Leadership

Here’s my best advice from 30 years of C-suite experience. By Darin Anderson As impact companies, we see the greater purpose of our work and are dedicated to making decisions with the best interest of team members, customers, investors, partners in mind, knowing financial success will follow. However, it’s not always an easy path. From […]

Pharrell Williams: Uplifting Entrepreneurs of Color

Pharrell Williams is closing the opportunity gap for entrepreneurs of color. By Real Leaders Pharrell Williams knows music. One of the most influential musical artists and producers in hip-hop, R&B, and pop, Williams has created chart-topping hits for household names, earning 13 Grammy Awards and six Billboard Music Awards. (Cue the mega-hit song Happy.)  Then […]

Tony Robbins: Time to Rise

Here’s how to take back control of your life in 2024.  By Tony Robbins As we look ahead for 2024, one thing is clear: We are living in uncharted territory — a time when the economic, political, and social landscapes are changing at a record pace. We are all being touched by the events happening […]

7 Leadership Tips from Top Female Founders and CEOs

In the wake of research from Harvard Business Review, which discovered that women make better leaders in times of crisis, Real Leaders has highlighted some leadership lessons from female founders and CEOs who are at the top of their game. 1. Mary Barra / CEO, General Motors Quote: “It’s okay to admit what you don’t […]

3 Impactful Practices for Navigating Leadership

Women who arrive at the top should be able to thrive at the top. But instead, they’re judged to be lucky to survive — even more so with pandemic pressures overwhelming their already busy family and professional lives. So what does it take for women to flourish in leadership roles today? These two female CEOs, […]

5 Tips for Building a Successful Public-private Partnership for Impact

Everywhere you look these days, companies, governments, and communities are talking about ‘better business,’ what it means, who it affects, and why it’s relevant. One example that shows this ethos in action is TRANSFORM — a unique joint initiative between Unilever, the UK’s Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO), and EY. The initiative supports social […]

How I Aligned Personal Values with my Staff and my Competitors for Greater Success

For many years, I had been searching for feedback and insight from a group of impact leaders. Other CEO support groups I had joined had a completely different set of motivations and perspectives on leadership and success. Being an impact leader comes with its own unique set of challenges. It’s hard to manage a company […]