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Making Business Decisions From Home? Here’s What 66,908 Americans Have Turned to

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With the number of COVID-19 cases on the rise, and several states in America ordering shutdowns, life has taken a whole new meaning for a majority of citizens.

In addition to getting through a workday with the same efficiency as when the office was still open, many of us are adapting to new ways of running households and finding ways to promote mental health. Consumer insights company Piplsay, powered by Market Cube, recently reached out to people across the US to take a detailed look into how their lives have changed amid the ongoing health crisis. The results offer a glimpse into how businesses, especially retailers, can leverage this data in their decision making.

As the virus threatens to spiral out of control, ‘staying in’ seems to be the new normal. With daily routines thrown into disarray, how are Americans dealing with the changing situation? What are they buying, and how are they keeping themselves occupied? How have their spending habits changed? The survey polled 66,908 Americans to get some insights. Here’s a quick summary of what they found:

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