Our Secrets are Being Revealed: Are you Happy or Fearful?

Have you noticed something huge is happening? Can you feel how secrets are being revealed around us this very moment? And more importantly, do you feel relief and joy at the new justice and freedom such revelations bring to life, or are you scared that you might lose something you cherish? By the looks of […]

5 Ways to Better Manage Millennials in a Family Business

There are always gaps in attitudes and perspectives from one generation to the next. In a family business, trying to weave together the differences between the current generation and the next generation from a business perspective is always hard. But today’s gap between baby boomers and millennials is the biggest in history. From the boomer’s […]

Pogo’s Warning to Business: ‘We Have Met the Enemy and He Is Us’

Business leaders are obsessed with solving problems — for good reason. But are they looking in the right places? A recent Internet search for “problems in business” on Google produced nearly two billion entries, and includes scores of pieces on the worst 20, ten or dozen problems. But the truth is, business problems really fall into […]

Cool but Confused: Do Social Entrepreneurs Run a Business or a Charity?

As businesses with a mission to do good become increasingly trendy, social entrepreneurs said they were finding it harder than ever to tackle one of their major problems – explaining what they do. For years social entrepreneurs trying to solve a wide range of issues from affordable healthcare to homelessness have faced the same question: […]

How Deval Patrick Shaped A Life Worth Living

Deval Patrick has been successful in the world of business, government and non-profits. In a recent conversation, I was curious to learn what leadership lesson he had taken away from each. Emerging from a childhood in a Chicago tenement to graduating from Harvard Law School, and serving as Governor of Massachusetts, his journey has been […]