Nasdaq Iceland Welcomes First Green Bond Issuer

Nasdaq Iceland has welcomed the City of Reykjavik as its first green bond issuer on the Exchange’s sustainable bond market. The bond was issued on 17 December and is sized at ISK 4.1 billion with a maturity of 30 years. Reykjavik intends to issue further bonds in the bond class in the coming years and […]

7 Transformational Culture Trends For 2019

“2019 will be a year when more businesses and non-profits focus inward and prioritize initiatives to disrupt the way they organize and manage themselves as they strive to become more nimble in taking advantage of opportunities,” according to transformational leader and motivator Rob Delany. He predicts that 2019 will be the watershed year where the […]

SDG Impact Hero: Joby Weeks

Motivated by love and filled with passion. “SDG Impact Heroes” is a unique photographic series by Ralph Reutimann celebrating local and global leaders from all walks of life at the forefront meeting the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals. Each of the SDG Heroes holds a personal object symbolizing the single Goal they feel is most […]