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Impact Collaborative Member Survey

We’re building an online forum to expand your Collaborative network from the members in your group to the collaborative as a whole.
We’ve formed our hypothesis regarding what we think will best serve you. However, this survey is our way of testing that hypothesis and opening up our thought process to you.

In addition to this, we will be reaching out to some of you personally to dive deeper into how to make this community platform as valuable a resource as possible to you. If you’re interested in sharing your ideas, let us know below.

If you have any questions, contact our team at






Community Additions Poll

We want to build a community based on your feedback. Over the years the various concepts below have been recommended to us by your peers. Please rank the following in order of interest (1 being the highest, 5 being the lowest)


Randomized Forum
This is an opportunity to engage with collaborative members outside of your group. A focused group discussion led by a moderator on a set subject. Groups would be decided first come first serve and capped at 8 people to maximize engagement. These will be recorded for the entire collaborative to view.
Member Presentations
Short 15 minute or less presentations by collaborative members around a highly specific topic or subject matter on which they are very proficient or knowledgeable. These would be recorded and open to the collaborative to engage with and comment on. Speakers would be encouraged to engage with the community and answer questions that arise.


Monthly Member Meetups
Based on physical location, The Real Leaders Team will create proximity groups and arrange for reservations monthly for group members to meet in person for lunch or dinner. These are a way for members to expand their connections with the collaborative community within their local area.
Collaborative Q & A
A space where we bring poignant questions that have arisen in groups to the entire collaborative community. We would encourage any member who’s interested to comment and engage and bring us questions that they want peer-driven answers to.


Network Requests
For example, if you’re in need of a lawyer in the impact space, an Impact Marketing agency, or are looking for a supply chain partnership, you can ask in this space and get connected with or get a referral from other collaborative members.
Impact Community Thread
A space where we bring you current events in the Impact World and allow you to post and comment about happenings in the world of Impact.
Values-Aligned Partnerships and Discounts
Members have stated that values alignment is the #1 reason they love their forum. We'd like to not leave out any partners who want to provide trusted resources for the community.


Review Sessions
A space with members can ask for and give feedback from other members regarding a specific topic.



Would you like to have a principle role in the creation of this community? Let's chat!
If you’re interested in offering 15 minutes of your time check this box and we’ll reach out to you with a more detailed set of questions. Thank you for being part of this community and for helping us make it the best network for leaders who are using business to change the world for the better.


Share with us any feedback you have regarding your experience.