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Frequently Asked Questions

Companies will be ranked based on their “Force for Good” Score. The formula for Force is velocity x mass (we use your Growth rate x Revenue). If the applicant has not taken the B Impact Assessment, a minimum default score will be applied. This provides the “Good” score. The Force for Good Score takes into account your 5-year sales growth, revenue, and B Impact Assessment (or default score).

To ensure we are able to collect and verify the information for all entries for the Awards, we do charge an entry fee of $350. However, we are committed to making the Awards accessible to all impact-driven organizations, and we award financial aid on a case-by-case basis. Please email us at if you would like more information regarding this.

The Real Leaders Impact Awards utilizes the B Impact Assessment, the impact standard developed by the non-profit B Lab and used by more than 50,000 companies globally, as way to credibly assess the holistic impact of companies. Impact companies that have not yet taken the B Impact Assessment may still apply for the Real Leaders Impact Awards.


Yes, click here to view all questions.

Yes, scroll down to the bottom of the application to select “Save and Continue Later.”

Yes, your revenue numbers are used for internal validation only. They will not be shared outside the validation committee and will not be published online or in print.

The only requirements are evidence of positive impact and revenues.

We define revenue as gross revenue, less returns and allowances, before any cost of goods sold are deducted. This is the same number that is called for in Box 1c of a corporate income tax return.

No, your company does not have to have positive net income or EBITDA to be eligible.

Yes, it’s eligible.

The Real Leaders Awards will utilize the B Impact Assessment.  If the applicant has not taken the B Impact Assessment, a default score will be applied derived from the minimum BIA score.