Ranking The World’s Top Impact Companies 

Have your brand be recognized by business leaders through online traffic, direct mail, and on flagship newsstands by ranking among the greatest purpose-driven companies in the world. 

Impact Special Deadline: May 31 ($295)

Who We Are

Since 2010, Real Leaders has been the premier source for recognizing organizations that are making a positive social or environmental impact. With an audience of 30,000 CEOs in over 140 countries, Real Leaders, through its Impact Awards, has brought recognition to impact companies across six continents, collaborating with marketing and communications managers to devise advertising strategies that achieve revenue goals, increase customer traffic, and ultimately support brand engagement.

Impact Special Deadline: May 31 ($295)

2020 Winner Miyoko's

An American food producer revolutionizing the dairy industry by combining proprietary technology with age-old creamery methods to craft cheese and butter from plants. Miyoko Schinner was featured as the cover star of the 2020 Real Leaders Impact Awards Magazine. 

2021 Winner Pearl Consulting

A purpose-driven boutique consultancy focused on delivering mutual benefit for corporate, nonprofit and government partners through the strategic deployment of social impact initiatives. Pearl Consulting CEO, Gillian Pearl was featured on a cover for the 2021 Real Leaders Impact Awards.