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How to Inspire Your Employees in 2022

Access the How To Inspire Your Employees in 2022 course and hear from 5 speakers on how to:

  • Stop Complexity at Work (Lisa Bodell, Best-selling author of Kill the Company, CEO of Future think

  • Reignite the Burn in Your Employees (Ben Newman, Performance Coach and Host of The Burn Podcast)

  • Unleash Creativity to Unlock Results (Natalie Nixon, Best-selling Author of The Creativity Leap)

  • Turn Your Employees Into Raving Fans (Heather Monahan, Best-selling Author of Overcome Your Villains)

  • Be A Coffee Bean (Jon Gordon, Best-selling Author and Keynote Speaker)


4.4 million Americans resigned from their work in September according to the latest JOLTS report. 2021 will be known as the Great Resignation and as business owners work to reduce attrition we thought it would be helpful to hear from the top speakers on our Top 50 Keynote Speakers list to re-ignite the flame in your employees!