Author: Trevor Oldham

40 Top Women Keynote Speakers For 2020

If you’re a leader looking for someone to inspire your team, or for a notable person to motivate your company during tough times, these highly-focused, professional women will help take things to the next level. The list below features just some of the high-achieving women, from across the worlds of business, athletics and entertainment that […]

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Top 50 Keynote Speakers in the World 2020

When you’re in a leadership position at a Fortune 500 company or simply want to motivate yourself or a small team of highly focused professionals to rise to the next level, you can learn from some of the top keynote speakers. Actively seeking focused, key messages from high-achieving men and women across the worlds of […]

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Top 10 Leadership Traits of Google Managers

Research shows that managers matter. They can have a significant impact on business outcomes and employee engagement. But many organizations do not adequately select or develop their managers, and miss a great opportunity for business advancement. Google set out to determine what makes a manager great at Google. But first, a research team tried to […]

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