Real Leaders

Technology that Stops Poachers in their Tracks

An innovative camera and software system helps rangers detect human activity in protected areas. Africa has vast open spaces in which protected species roam. Despite the creation of protected reserves, many unmonitored, porous entry points attract poachers, who enter the park and kill wildlife for their parts. WWF used a grant from to engineer […]

Madagascar’s Solar Grandmothers Lead a Renewable Revolution

In the small village of Ambakivao, Madagascar, a group of women have stepped up to become their community’s first solar engineers. These volunteers — dubbed the Solar Grandmothers — are bringing electricity to nearly 200 families in their village. Traditionally, their community used petroleum lamps for lighting homes. Now they have implemented solar lamps for […]

A Forest Is Life: Preserve it Through Wise Purchases

To a tiger, forests provide trees for shade, rivers for drinking water, and ideal hunting grounds for ambushing prey. One of the best ways to protect forests so that tigers and other wildlife thrive is to buy products with the Forest Stewardship Council™ (FSC) label. A joint initiative between WWF and FSC aims to make […]