How to Work Less And Achieve More

In the U.S., the 40-hour work week actually averages 47 hours, according to a Gallup poll. Specifically, salaried employees average 49 hours of work per week, and 50% of them […]

How to Profit From Open Innovation

open innovation

Any conversation on business competitiveness begins and ends with a discussion on innovation, a practice defined as “the fusion of invention and commercialization” by Ken Morse, founder of MIT’s Entrepreneurship […]

Should we Prepare for a Bossless Future?

faceless boss

Top-down hierarchies are out, creative and collaborative structures are in. This approach to management is starting to become a new norm in the startup world. But can we expect this […]

Executives Becoming Better Leaders Through Mindfulness

Think of qualities and behaviours popularly used to describe effective, authentic leaders: focus, observation, objectivity, balanced decision-making. These are precisely the characteristics cultivated through mindfulness meditation. And today, even the […]

Why Social Entrepreneurs Are Taking The Lead

muhammad yunus

Improving the world and the bottom line simultaneously has never been more on-trend. Social entrepreneurship, the concept of applying business techniques and market mechanisms to solve social problems, such as […]