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How to Work Less And Achieve More

In the U.S., the 40-hour work week actually averages 47 hours, according to a Gallup poll. Specifically, salaried employees average 49 hours of work per week, and 50% of them work anywhere from 50 to over 60 hours weekly. Even when workers are off, they tend to be tethered to their digital devices, responding to […]

How to Profit From Open Innovation

open innovation

Any conversation on business competitiveness begins and ends with a discussion on innovation, a practice defined as “the fusion of invention and commercialization” by Ken Morse, founder of MIT’s Entrepreneurship Center and a leader of ESADE’s Open Innovation and Corporate Entrepreneurship programme.  There are three general types of innovation – incremental, radical and open. Of the […]

3 Ways to Build Wealth While Balancing Your Career and Motherhood

It’s mixed news for mothers. Today’s professional women with families have more flexibility than ever before to balance work and caregiving. Yet across the board women continue to earn, save and invest less than men their age, says Kimberly Palmer, financial expert and author of a new book Smart Mom, Rich Mom: How to Build […]

How to Create a Personal Connection With Corporate Values

It’s one thing to rationally explain your organisation’s purpose but quite another to fully translate that purpose so that employees throughout the company can connect emotionally to your mission and strategy. Lacking an alignment of stated values and lived reality, an entire organisation may suffer. In the words of management strategy author Patrick M. Lencioni, […]

The one Word at the Centre of a Meaningful Workplace

office city

“If you don’t have it, all the technical, fiscal, communications and strategic expertise in the world won’t help you. But those who do have it – and work ceaselessly to strengthen it – find that everything else falls into place throughout their organisation.” So says former Fortune 500 senior executive Bob Whipple. Now CEO of Leadergrow, […]

Should we Prepare for a Bossless Future?

faceless boss

Top-down hierarchies are out, creative and collaborative structures are in. This approach to management is starting to become a new norm in the startup world. But can we expect this trend to gain significant traction in the mainstream corporate realm anytime soon? Could the CEO go the way of the dodo? Innovation and disruption are […]

Executives Becoming Better Leaders Through Mindfulness

Think of qualities and behaviours popularly used to describe effective, authentic leaders: focus, observation, objectivity, balanced decision-making. These are precisely the characteristics cultivated through mindfulness meditation. And today, even the most profit-driven companies and c-suiters are turning to mindfulness techniques to help them manage stress, control their attention, and make better decisions in the workplace. […]

Three Unique Skills Expected of Nonprofit Leaders


News media heralded the rise of the nonprofit sector two decades ago, and it’s still the fastest growing sector in the U.S. as well as the largest source of employment in many countries. This means opportunities are mushrooming to join and lead associations, foundations and similar institutions around the world. But for anyone who thinks management is […]

Why Social Entrepreneurs Are Taking The Lead

Improving the world and the bottom line simultaneously has never been more on-trend. Social entrepreneurship, the concept of applying business techniques and market mechanisms to solve social problems, such as poverty, violent crime or environmental threats, has been around for decades.  The practice received a significant public boost, however, in 2003 when a group of […]

Why is “Design Thinking” on the Lips of so Many Business Leaders?

These days there’s a lot of talk – and a lot of executive education – revolving around “design thinking.” Companies like Apple, Netflix, Facebook and others are disrupting industries and business models left and right. And with these developments comes the realization that traditional approaches to problem-solving are no longer enough. So, across industries around the world, […]