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9 Cities With The Biggest Risks – And The Biggest Business Opportunities!

Deathly air pollution and slums are two of many challenges cities struggle with globally. Danish sustainable research company  Sustainia has compiled a list of nine cities with the biggest risks, and shows that beneath these risks lie a number of market opportunities. Indonesia’s capital Jakarta is sinking. Lagos, Africa’s most populous city, urgently lacks 17 […]

Top 10 Opportunities For 2018

It has become a truism that the movement of data, people, and goods connects us all in unprecedented ways across geographical boundaries. In the ever-more complex environments businesses are forced to operate in, their ability to analyze, confront, and utilize uncertainties is critical to their success. Furthermore, the vast majority of businesses need to look […]

Let’s Fall in Love With The Future

Sustainia’s new book ‘Repaint the future!’ invites you to become part of a global movement which aims to confront fear and distrust and create a more sustainable future. Want to join? Fear and distrust are soaring in today’s society: Fear for our future, of climate change, terrorism and distrust in our decision-makers, in the media, […]