Real Leaders

How Your 401K Can Help Build a Clean Energy Future

Much like the apartheid movement that preceded it, the fossil fuel divestment campaign started several years ago on college campuses and has quickly spread to foundations, faith groups, and institutional investors. The focus of Divest-Invest is to influence people, groups and institutions to sell their fossil fuel stocks and bonds and invest in renewable energies […]

How to Create Value Around Values

Social Venture Network member Adnan Durrani and CEO & Founder of American Halal/Saffron Road, shares how “creating value, around values” helped him create a stronger brand.

Triple the Triple Bottom Line

It’s well known that women and minority entrepreneurs miss out on some of the opportunities that their white male peers enjoy – the traditional “old boys’ network” is still a powerful source of support and investment money for up-and-coming entrepreneurs. But by overlooking women and minorities, investors are missing out too – and leaving money […]