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The $24 Million Disability Staffing Business

The United States has a large minority population that is its most overlooked and under-leveraged workforce: people with disabilities. People with disabilities have an unemployment rate twice that of people without disabilities, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and just one-third of people with disabilities participate in the workforce, as compared to three-quarters of people […]

The Journey of Social Enterprise

Thinking about the opportunity of gathering with a growing community of social enterprises at the upcoming Social Enterprise Alliance Summit in Nashville has me thinking once again about journeys. The road I have traveled in social enterprise has felt as precarious as Highway 1 along the rugged ridge of the Pacific. Because of the vulnerability and […]

The Power of the Collective: Co-location & the Social Economy

The socio-political and economic conditions in North America have been undergoing a considerable shift over the last several decades. The end of the post-WWII “golden age” heralded a gradual erosion of the Keynesian welfare state social safety-net and as a result, state funding has been continuously withdrawn from social services. The reason for this shift […]

Unexpected Workforce Excels in Recycling Industry

My name is Bill Morris and in 2008 I was recycled. After a 25-year career in the telecom industry, there didn’t seem to be much demand for my experience and technical expertise, which had become mostly obsolete. After trying to start my own for-profit business (which failed) and working for other businesses (which I could […]