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4 Ways to Re-Engage Employees

The past year has seen assaults on democracy, COVID-19 variants, Juneteenth celebrations, Squid Games, congressional deadlock, and the beginnings of the Great Resignation. It was a year in which we debated coups and conspiracies, vaccine safety and efficacy, critical race theory, the causes of burnout, and why so many people want to leave their jobs […]

5 Reasons Why Businesses Don’t Need Bosses

As employers look to reopen offices and recoup losses, they face a full-blown employment crisis dubbed “The Great Resignation” that requires new thinking about bosses. It’s been a rough 18 months with multiple COVID-19 variants, burnout, and fears over health and safety that has resulted in a trend of increased employee disengagement. As a result, 11.5 […]

5 Business Sins of Employee Inequity and What You Can do About it

As a result of toxic business leadership in America, there is a post-pandemic “Great Resignation” trend caused by 5 deadly sins of employee inequity. Business leaders must find better solutions to attract the best talent, increase equity and reduce turnover costs by thinking differently.  The Washington Post (and many other outlets) recently reported on a disturbing employee […]

Diversity (and Justice, Equity, and Inclusion) is the New Digital – But it Shouldn’t Be

It seems as if every few years, a new trend sweeps through the business world, calling for widespread transformation and change. In 2021, “diversity” and “inclusion” are the most heard buzz words. To see how trends can quickly fail, let’s first look at the recent digital transformation’s biggest challenges. Based on those lessons learned, three […]

5 Ways to Lead with Love in 2021

While crisis thrived during 2020, CEOs, VPs and entrepreneurs should be brainstorming ways to lead with love in the year ahead — to recharge teams, rebuild trust and inspire employees by clearly defining a higher business purpose. Based on servant leadership success principles created in the 1970s by Robert Greenleaf, 2021 is the perfect time […]