Author: Neill Duffy

Creating a Better World Through Marketing

Neill Duffy interviews marketing maverick Professor Philip Kotler who has consulted to some of the world’s leading brands, helping them plan and strategize to increase their market share. He explains how to adopt an audience and plan a path of action to improve quality of life Tell us a little bit about yourself and why marketing became such a big factor in your life. I am an economist trained at the University of Chicago (M.A.) and MIT (Ph.D.). Three of my professors were Nobel Prize economists–Milton Friedman, Paul Samuelson, and Robert Solow. I had hoped to move along the same path of researching and teaching economics. However, I felt that classical economists neglected several of the major forces shaping demand. Classical economists mainly discussed the role of price in shaping and being shaped by demand and supply. I kept asking: what about the role of Product (features, quality, reliability), Place (wholesalers, retailers, agents), and Promotion (advertising, sales promotion, public relations) in shaping demand and supply. When I participated in a year-long Ford Foundation program at Harvard in advanced mathematics, I met some marketing professors and realized that the discipline of marketing was the missing link in economic theory and practice.  In 1967, I wrote my first edition of Marketing Management (now in the 14th edition) that was the first marketing textbook to incorporate economic theory, mathematics, social psychology and...

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