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3 Steps to Better Performance In a Post Pandemic World

Plans are great, but as 2020 has reminded us, “Oops” moments in life are inevitable. In fact, it’s precisely when things don’t go according to plan that the real litmus tests for leadership and business strategy come to light. As Mike Tyson famously said, “Everyone has a plan until I hit them in the face.” […]

5 Tools for Navigating the New Normal

The world is chaotic, noisy, and full of tragedy. Many of us know people who have become ill, or worse yet, have lost their lives. Families are separated, businesses shuttered, and jobs lost. The pandemic has changed global macro- and micro-economics, social order and preferences, acceptable business practices, workforce dynamics, and the list goes on. […]

Family Business: Do I or Don’t I?

“Family business” doesn’t always mean a mom-and-pop  operation. The reality is that many of the world’s most successful businesses are family businesses. For example, Facebook is a large, global, public company, but it’s also a family business with the Zuckerberg family still owning nearly one-third of the enterprise.  Regardless of scale or stage of life, a quote from Charles Dickens sums up my feelings […]

5 Things Every Leader Should Give Their Team in 2020

The tone from the top matters, and the beginning of a New Year presents an excellent opportunity for CEOs to reexamine how they’ll lead going forward. With 2020 now a reality, chief executives can choose to usher in more of the same, or they can use the changing calendar to reimagine, reinvent, and reshape their […]